Fundamental Analysis

We want to be the Certik of Fundamental Analysis of Degen Coins.
We will audit a project based on the following criteria in this page:​
*Subjectivity involved in this criterion. ^Criterion not involved if assessing during the presale period.
We use this criterion that we built ourselves to grade the projects that we are interested in. When doing fundamental analysis, you want to be as objective as possible, that’s why the scoring system has very specific requirements for it to be graded. Subjectivity cannot be avoided, but we should try to minimize it.

Conviction Level

The conviction level of a project does not predict or define future success. It only states how firm our beliefs are with a project. And this makes sense, a lot of good projects never take off for some unknown variable to many of us; while a lot of bad projects also become mainstream, again for some unknown variable to many of us.
Without a standard to compare projects against each other, we cannot measure and adapt and improve our scoring tools.
Depending on the average score of all our criteria, we will be able to categorize our conviction level for the particular project as such:
Conviction Level
Overall Scoring
Extremely Low
1 to 1.99
2 to 2.99
3 to 3.75
3.75 to 4.5
Extremely High
4.51 to 5
Now, based on the conviction level of the project, we will compare it with the project maturity or its market cap to find out the optimal portfolio allocation size, the investment horizon, profit taking strategy and exit strategy as well as the general strategy for maximizing our gains.
Allocation in %
Benefits to the developers:
You'll get your project audited by a team that has seen hundreds if not, thousands of crypto projects. We are not experts by any means, but we do have a lot of experience. We have seen what works and what does not.
There are smart contract audits that give credibility and safety to your project. Then there's Fundamental Analysis which only we provide so far! We give credibility and increase your potential to succeed. How? We will give actionable suggestions to criteria that we feel that you are lacking on. Hopefully, your project corrects these issues which will increase its chance for success!
Think of our Fundamental Analysis Audits as a badge of honor that you wear.
Interested? Connect with us through our business address: [email protected]

Benefits to our investors:

30% of the payment will be sent to the project's treasury. 50% will be sent to the reviewer of the project as a commission fee. The rest will be sent to the distributor contract which will share the dividends accordingly to all holders.