Marketing & Management Agency

CryptoVersed is our Advertising, Consultancy & Education Agency which operates parallel to ApeInto. This will be an all-in-one company that provides all the marketing, multimedia and management a project will need. Gone are the days when projects have to hire their own marketing and community managers. Gone are the days when you have to poach a high-level executive from another company or project just to get an expert opinion on how to better your project.
We are planning to build up a YouTube channel and Twitter account which focuses on Crypto Gems, Crypto Education, and Alpha Sharing. Aside from that, we are going to build a connection with multiple influencers across different social media platforms.
Benefits to the developers:
Need exposure for your project? No worries, our youtube channel will do a review, audit and fundamental analysis on your project. This will serve as marketing material to your project due to our project's reach.
Need even more marketing? We are in contact with multiple influencers across multiple social media platforms. We will then make a package that will best suit your project according to the demographics, localization, and intent of the marketing campaign. Since we have prior contracts with these influencers, we can negotiate a much more competitive rate than retail rates.
If you need consultancy or have managerial problems, you can tap into our expertise. We also have a stable of community managers that you can hire monthly to engage your channels of communication.
Interested? Connect with us through our business address: [email protected]

Benefits to our investors:

33% of the payment will be sent to the project's treasury. The rest will be sent to the distributor contract which will share the dividends accordingly to all holders.