Does your project need a solid price floor? Do you need whales that play nice? We are here to provide that for your project! We will invest in your project if our team deems it a solid one to invest in.
Our project will buy into yours, sell only under the circumstances that we've laid out in our agreement and support your project in capacities that we are able to. We're gonna be whales that play along nicely.
Leave us a message at our business address and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Let's find a solution that will be mutually beneficial for both of our projects.
Benefits to the developers:
With our endorsement and investment, some of our holders might find interest in your project and invest accordingly. In the future, we will also be insuring everyone who invests in your project which should increase confidence and conviction.
However, if you want our project to invest in yours, you should first undergo our Fundamental Analysis Product. This will ensure that the projects that we enter are high-quality.
We will also be able to connect you to other developers and social media influencers that we have in contact with.
Interested? Connect with us through our business address: [email protected]

Benefits to our investors:

33% of the payment will be sent to the project's treasury. The rest will be sent to the distributor contract which will share the dividends accordingly to all holders.