The Vision / General Direction

Short Term: (Within the first six months of launch)

  • Gain enough influence to be able to join other project's whitelists at will and with a larger allocation.
  • Be the Certik equivalent of Fundamental Analysis. Our goal is for our project's logo to be plastered on different projects as proof of legitimacy and honor.
  • Be able to grow a large enough following in different social media platforms to gain outreach and influence that we can use as vehicles of advertisement.
  • Be able to provide new high yield investment programs every 2 months that would experiment with different DeFi concepts. We want to be able to fork a new hyped defi protocol and improve upon it regularly.
  • Be a strong community of like-minded ape individuals.

Medium Term: (Within the first two years of launch)

  • Simplify Crypto by removing all the middle processes and transacting OTC with new crypto investors. This means paying through credit cards to gain our token.
  • Build our own DeX Router and launch our second token which will be used as the medium of transactions (with little fees attached unlike $hares which is our token of utility but is accompanied by a lot of tax)
  • We want to be the Wonderland ($Time at its peak) of degeneracy.
  • Be able to launch other projects under our guidance and mentorship.
  • Be able to insure all our shareholders who have invested in projects that we have vetted through our fundamental analysis service. We will cover for any losses our investors will have during black swan events.
  • Be able to accept all degen tokens as a form of collateral in our borrow and lending services.
  • Be able to make a similar service as Tornado Cash but in NFT form which will give it more use cases other than to clean cash.
  • Be an industry-standard in vetting new projects coming into the crypto space.

Long Term: (Within the first five years of launch)

  • Be the Apple of Crypto. We aim to simplify all processes involve and dumb them down for ease of use. We will do this by forking MetaMask, innovating what they have started with with the aim of keeping every action down to 1 or 2 mouse clicks. (From buying with cash, to buying a token on a L2 chain, to staking it on a platform, all in just one click.)