We truly believe that to be able to compete in today's space, one must engage in marketing. Though the developers have no connections to anyone of importance in the crypto community, they do have a background in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).
We have allocated 5% of the total supply into marketing and 4% of the treasury is to be extracted monthly for marketing efforts. It is included in our roadmap to include efforts in marketing monthly to ensure protocol userbase growth.
We believe that as more people support and trust our protocol, so do our credibility, influence and negotiating power with other projects in the crypto space.
Marketing Campaign
  • Twitter
    • Shills from DeFi and BSC related accounts
    • Twitter Tagging Contest
  • Reddit
    • /r/CryptoMoonShots boosted posts
    • Cryptocurrency Ads disguised as GUIDES on /r/cryptocurrency
  • YouTube
    • YouTube Shills from DeFi and BSC-related channels.
    • YouTube comment boosting on related videos.
    • Growing our own YouTube Channel that discusses crypto investing and education.
  • Discord
    • Discord raids, referral and shilling contests
    • Incorporation of other Discord Communities into our own.
  • Telegram
    • Telegram raids, referral and shilling contests
    • Incorporation of other Telegram Communities into our own.
  • TikTok
    • TikTok shills from related accounts.
    • Growing our own TikTok channel to tap into the growing TikTok platform.
  • AMAs
    • Olympians
    • Cryptonairz
  • Ads
    • BSC Scan Ads
    • DexTools Ads
    • PooCoin Ads
    • ETH Scan Ads
    • CoinMarketCal Ads
    • Facebook Ads