Return on Investment

Blue Area: Points of entry of money into the protocol. Red area: Points of exit of money from the protocol.
We honestly are not able to predict when you will get a return on your investment since dividends come from trading volume, the performance of our investments and our service profits.
At the start, service profits will be unreliable until our brand makes a name for itself. Investments will take time to mature, and given the nature of crypto, will have a drawdown period before we could start paying out dividends. Trading volume outside of the marketing period each month will be low.
Given the high taxes imposed on trading, we have to incentivize hodling of our tokens. We will do this through the following:
  • Token Price Appreciation
  • Increased Token Holdings
  • Dividend Rewards
  • Services Rendered
Token price appreciation, while we have an indirect control over, is almost entirely up to the market. Dividend Rewards as preciously said, would take some time before it can be a reliable source of income. Thus, to those willing to hold our token, our plan is to increase your stake in our project by increasing your number of tokens.
We will do this by having you stake your tokens into our system, which will reward you with a 1% daily return of investment. Find out more at: