The Economics

We are the only DeFi 2.0+ project aiming to be truly sustainable.

Reasons why most shitcoin fails...

Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes

While we can argue that most cryptocurrencies are to some degree a Ponzi & Pyramid schemes, there are levels to it. However, in the world of decentralized finance and gaming finance, it seems that the only money coming in after yours are those from investments of late entries. Most projects do not have other means of generating revenue aside from the money inflow of late investors to a project. If a project does generate other means of revenue, it simply is not enough to sustain the protocol.
Any increase in market cap is merely speculative and not a true increase in a protocol's value. What we need.. What we deserve to have is a truly sustainable model that does not necessarily need new investor inflow.
We are only able to do so if new money coming into the protocol are from profits from various products and services we sell or investments that have come into fruition.
We plan on running this project like a true business.

Immense sell pressure & manipulation

Where most projects fail is their tokenomics. They either give out too much rewards that are not backed by assets, have too much sell pressure from the tokens getting unlocked, or repeatedly manipulated by traders.
Remember, every major crash would lead to market exhaustion. Meaning, the people who have lost money on a project beforehand would be more hesitant to re-invest. While retraces and pullbacks are fine and healthy, crashes are not.
This makes a major resistance to future rallies. While we cannot control the market on what it does, we should do our best to prevent capitulations as much as possible as to not exhaust our shareholder's trust and belief in us.